What Are Cremation Ash Diamonds?


A cremation diamond is a certified high quality cremation jewelry diamond which is a real memorial to your loved one's life. Cremation diamonds are authenticated individually, inspected, graded as well as identified by highly trained and world renowned gemologists. They give a way for you to bring along with you your loved one's memory daily and it could also become your family heirloom.

The cremation urns could still be utilized in holding the rest of the ashes. These diamonds would be timeless and most unique cremation jewelry tributes available if you want to remember your loved one every single day and feel as if he or she is close to you always. 

All diamonds, natural or man made are carbon. Graphite, such as pencil lead is considered as carbon as well. As a matter of fact, many natural things has carbon. For these cremation diamonds, the carbon from cremation ashes will be extracted through a process here in the laboratory.

Cremating our loved ones is more popular these days compared to having a burial. The crematoria today has quite high burn factor that has a tendency to reduce the non-essential carbon, although it can leave about 4% which would be used in the process of making a memorial diamond.

After having the needed quantity of carbon, it will be processed further. It will be compressed at a huge pressure while heating it at high temperatures. However, instead of taking years, the unique process used could take only several months. 

After a few months, the molten materials would be allowed to reform to its original state, and in the case of diamonds, it will be a dodecahedron. It will then be the cut and it will be polished after as a diamond has been for many years. 

Preferably, diamonds are cut with about 58 facets with the shape which creates the most excellent scintillation, which is the ball-shaped brilliant cut. 
Since these diamonds are grown in laboratories, the process is guaranteed as conflict-free. This implies that people were not exploited, enslaved or harmed to make these diamonds. This is in contrary to those natural diamonds wherein children could be used in mining them. 

Finally, no damage will be done to our environment as compared to mining those natural diamonds which frequently results to damages in the environment and make it unsafe for people to live there. So if you want to make a remembrance of your departed loved ones, and in a way, create a family heirloom that will last forever without harming the environment, why not visit website and  try have a cremation ashes diamond today.

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